About Us

Welcome to Iptrolite! 

Located in Malaysia, Iptrolite distributes only high quality made in Malaysia led lighting product such as Square downlight, LED Spotlight, LED MR16, LED bulb, LED street light, LED high bay, LED floodlight, LED T8, LED downlight, LED traffic light, LED display penal. We use only high quality LED from reputable suppliers such as Cree, Dominant, Osram, Philips and Samsung.

We have a strong engineering design team. They work closely with LED manufacturer and other key components. We often have first priority to the latest LED available, fresh from the design laboratories. The engineer applies strict design rules, so

  • We do not over drive the LED
  • Have good heat sink design,
  • Use only high-quality PCB.
  • Uses key component for the driver and power supply unit are designed using ICs from large multinational companies to ensure high reliability.

All our led lamp and led lighting product is environmentally friendly and are recyclable.

The factory specialized only on led lighting products. We have more than 15 years experience in the field of LED lightings. Our products range from traffic lights, and large screen display, to household and commercial lightings. We also design specialized high-end lightings for railway industries such as train and rolling stock head light and marker light.